Federalist #10 by James Madison

Federalist #10 by James Madison.
Type a minimum of 1 page after reading Federalist #10 from our Ch. 3 web link and
address the following questions in your writing. DO NOT just go down the line and
answer the following questions like a textbook assignment. Incorporate each in the
paper tying them to the question, “Have political groups in America aided in the
progress of our nation or have they been detrimental?”
What did James Madison say he meant by faction [ie. interest group, political parties]?
What danger to American representative democracy and freedom did Madison believe
factions represented?
What solution did Madison see to the dangers of factions?
Do we still have factions today? What do we call them?
What are some examples of modern factions?
Modern estimates suggest that there are more than 20,000 interest groups in America
today. What would James Madison think of this? Did his concerns turn out to be true?