Questions on Madison's Federalist 10 (pg. 740)

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Questions on Madison's Federalist 10 (pg. 740)
1. According to Madison, what “dangerous vice” has historically plagued popular governments?
2. How well have American Constitutions historically controlled the violence of this vice?
3. What does Madison mean by a faction? What might we call factions today?
4. What are the two ways to remove the causes of factions? Why are these two remedies “worse than
the disease”?
5. What is the primary object of government according to Madison?
6. Where does Madison say the rights of property originate?
7. What is Madison's solution for controlling the effects of factions, since we don’t want to get rid of
their causes?
8. What is a republic, what is a pure democracy, and how do they differ?
9. How does a republic inhibit the effects of factions, according to Madison?