AP Government Final Project Essays

AP Government Final Project Essays
1. In Federalist 10 and 51 Madison offered specific safeguards
built into the Constitution to block the accumulation of
power in either the state or national governments and also
within the national government. Summarize Madison’s
argument and offer two contemporary arguments either
supporting Madison’s assertions or refuting them.
2. Discuss the history Federalism concept. Explain the role of
the Supreme Court in relation to Federalism; cite 2 specific
cases and the decision. Give 2 specific examples when the
federal, state and/or local governments were in conflict
over Federalism and explain the outcome.
3. Political parties have gone through periods of dominance,
alignment, and dealignment. Briefly trace the history of
party dominance and then discuss two specific reasons for
party realignment and dealignment.
4. And finally:
What did you learn this semester about government, groups
and yourself?