Flipped Lesson Plan. Microbiology

Flipped Learning Lesson Plan
Instructor-Created Content
Instructor: David Curtis
Destination 2015
Course: Microbiology
Concept/Title of Lesson: Flipped Lesson for Differential Stains in Microbiology
Needs Assessment:
In general, students have difficulty reading a technical lab manual, yet the information is needed to
prepare them for lab, so it must be presented in a way to ensure comprehension of the concept. More
specifically, when learning about the Gram staining technique, students need to both understand and
demonstrate the process.
Learning Outcome:
At the end of this lesson, students will perform a successful Gram stain.
Aligning the Flipped Lesson:
Online Lesson &
Formative Asst
In Class Activity &
Formative Asst
Online Lesson (Instructor-Created Content) & Formative Assessment:
Students view an online narrated video tutorial on differential staining techniques showing them visually
how to perform the procedures, specifically the Gram stain and its relation to the acid-fast staining
technique. Within the online tutorial, students are asked to pause and answer questions on the concept.
In Class Activity & Formative Assessment:
Instructor reviews what students learned about differential stains, and students take a pre-lab quiz on
the concept and process. Then, the in-class activity asks students to apply their knowledge of
differential stains, specifically the Gram stain.
Summative Assessment:
Students will perform a Gram stain to test whether they have learned the process.