PPT for assignment 3

Assignment 3
Part 2
1. To which kingdom does this organism belong
2. What are the spherical blue structures?
3. What is the name used for the “study of”
these organisms?
4. What is the purpose of this technique?
5. Give one reason why these parasitic worms
would not be considered microorganisms.
A Gram stain was performed on these bacteria of the genus Lactobacllus, which is
typically Gram positive. The result shown above could be obtained if which step
of the Gram staining technique was omitted?
7. What differential staining technique is demonstrated in this picture?
8. To which genus do the fuchsia colored bacteria belong too?
9. What color would the fuchsia colored bacteria be following a typical Gram stain?
10. What unique chemical component does the cell wall of these bacteria contain?