VCE Vblock Systems Master Administration Engineer Exam (320-010)

Exam Description
Exam Details
This exam certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge, skills,
and abilities necessary to complete the following tasks for Vblock Systems 200,
Vblock Systems 300 and Vblock Systems 700 series:
 Number of Exam Items: 60
 Provision solutions
 Duration: 90 minutes
 Practice Exam
 Perform detailed troubleshooting
 Monitor and manage for performance
 Plan and implement security plans
 Plan and perform upgrades
 Perform configuration backups and restores
 Perform configuration tasks with a command line interface
 Migrate assets into Vblock Systems
Expert administration and management professionals who manage and troubleshoot
converged systems and provide technical direction on migrating and provisioning
resources, security compliance and performance tuning.
Exam Topics
Section 1 – Vblock Systems Administration (20%)
 Describe advanced Vblock Systems configuration tasks
 Demonstrate the resource migration process
 Describe how to administer Vblock Systems using command line interfaces
Section 2 – Vblock Systems Resource Management (20%)
 Demonstrate how to distribute resources
 Demonstrate end-to-end resource provisioning
 Describe component interdependencies
 Demonstrate how to configure resource availability
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Section 3 – Vblock Systems Security and Compliance (8%)
 Demonstrate how to plan and create role-based permissions
 Demonstrate how to manage compliance on Vblock Systems
 Demonstrate how to configure trusted multi-tenancy
Section 4 – Vblock System Maintenance (22%)
 Demonstrate the code upgrade process
 Describe health check considerations
 Demonstrate component configuration backup procedures
 Describe the migration process of assets into Vblock Systems
 Describe Vblock Systems capacity management
Section 5 – Vblock Systems Performance (14%)
 Demonstrate an understanding of the performance considerations on Vblock Systems components
 Describe Vblock Systems performance tuning methodologies
 Demonstrate how to establish a Vblock Systems performance baseline
Section 6 – Vblock Systems Troubleshooting (16%)
 Demonstrate how to detect and recover from failure events
 Demonstrate component configuration restore procedures
 Demonstrate how to use Vblock Systems events for problem determination
 Demonstrate how to perform Vblock Systems performance troubleshooting
Recommended Prerequisite Knowledge and Experience
The following knowledge and experience is extremely helpful in preparing for this exam:
 Product knowledge: Individual Vblock Systems components (required)
 Experience: Two years of Vblock Systems administration (recommended)
Recommended Training
Sign up for the VCE Vblock Systems Advanced Administration and Management; Performance and
Troubleshooting course to support your existing knowledge and to increase your chances of passing the exam.
Although the course is NOT a requirement for certification, it will be helpful in preparing.
Whether you take the online instructor-led course or the classroom instructor-led version, you should gain
valuable hands-on experience through virtual lab exercises to guide you through the tasks necessary to
administer and manage VCE Vblock Systems.
Click the links below to view the course description and available dates for this training.
VCE Vblock Systems Advanced Administration and Management; Performance and Troubleshooting (Instructor-led)
VCE Vblock Systems Advanced Administration and Management; Performance and Troubleshooting (Online Instructor-led)
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