Unit Outline

Unit Outline
EDTEC 2106 Teaching VCE Technology:
Systems Engineering
This unit is intended to prepare students to be able to teach Systems Engineering at VCE
level. It ensures that students:
• Understand the pedagogical content knowledge associated with the teaching of Systems
Engineering at VCE level
• Critically consider different models of learning and teaching, including those based on
learning technologies, the value assumptions underlying them, and to relate these to their
own teaching of systems engineering.
• Understand the range of different forms of assessment and their underlying philosophies,
and apply these in a learning situation related to systems engineering.
• Understand the principles that underpin systems engineering teaching and learning as it is
informed by constructivist learning theories
• Implement approaches to VCE School-Assessed Tasks and Coursework, particularly with
linking concepts and principles in the design and development of systems engineering
• Develop the ability to plan and construct teaching units which address the requirements of
the Victorian Certificate of Education, Study Design in Systems Engineering and its links
between systems, society, and students’ diverse backgrounds, abilities and needs;
• Design appropriate teaching, learning and assessment tasks that align with the current
Study Design;
• Develop systems engineering projects suitable for use in a training/school environment.
• Implement approaches to VCE School-Assessed Tasks and Coursework, particularly with
linking concepts and principles in the design and development of systems projects;
• Apply the safe usage of various systems engineering equipment in a school and teaching
• Critically appraise issues associated with systems engineering, environmental impact,
sustainability, eco-design and recycling
The unit content includes the following:
• Specific teaching and learning strategies in Years 11 & 12Systems engineering: including
constructivist learning, practical work, safety issues, discovery learning, excursions and
critical evaluation of these;
• Systems engineering teaching – learning sequence planning, implementation, evaluation
and reflection;
• Curriculum design and the preparation of units of work for teaching systems;
• Design of assessment tasks and formats for teaching and learning of systems;
• Planning, implementing and reporting as required by the VCE Study Design.
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EDTEC 2106 Teaching VCE Technology – Systems Engineering
Learning Tasks & Assessment:
There are 150 student learning hours in this unit. These learning hours are made up of
all aspects of student engagement in the unit including assessment and learning tasks.
Learning Task
Research, develop and implement a
Part A: Develop a portfolio including
project for use in the school
appropriate design briefs, evaluation
criteria, inspiration materials and
resource information and design options.
Research and develop an outline, a
brief, and appropriate resources for a Part B: Production of chosen systems.
project that is suitable for
Part C: Evaluation report and a technical
implementation as part of a Year 11
report that includes performance testing
data and information.
& 12 systems engineering program
in a school environment.
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