Enzymes Quiz Study Guide

Enzymes Quiz Study Guide
Here’s what you have to know:
You will have to either name enzymes based on their function, OR predict the
function of enzymes based on their name. (Just like we did in class on p 5 of the
note sheet AND just like #3 on Enzymes WS, The Sequel. (answer key is online.)
Given a diagram, like the one below, you will have to label the following (WITHOUT
a word bank!): substrate (s), enzyme, active site, product(s). You will also have to
determine which type of enzyme is depicted (catabolic or anabolic).
Also regarding the diagram, if you had to draw energy in the diagram with an arrow
to show the direction of energy flow, how would you do this?
Diagram Answers:
Substrates = Red & Green circles
Enzyme = Orange Shape
Active Site = the part of the enzyme with two half-circle shapes
Product = purple double circle shape
This is an anabolic reaction