Biochemistry Study Guide 1) Carbon Compounds 2) Chemical Reaction and Enzymes.

Biochemistry Study Guide
Directions: Answer the following questions in order to help you prepare for your test. The notes
you will need are:
1) Carbon Compounds
2) Chemical Reaction and Enzymes.
3) Water and pH
1. List all 5 functions of proteins.
2. What are nucleic acids?
3. List three examples of nucleic acids.
4. What are the three parts of a nucleotide?
5. Define chemical reaction.
6. In the following equation: C6H12O6 + 6O2  6CO2 + 6H2O identify the products and the
a. Products=
b. Reactants=
c. In a chemical reaction, the atoms are ____________________, not created or
d. In a chemical reaction, energy can be released as what three things?
7. What is activation energy?
8. What two functions (jobs) do catalysts and enzymes serve?
9. What is an active site?
10. What 3 conditions can affect the rate at which enzymes work?
11. What suffix do all enzymes end in (which three letters)? _____________
12. Describe how an enzyme works like a lock and key.
13. How is the induced fit theory different than the lock and key theory?
Using the diagram to the right, answer questions 18-21.
14. What temperature range do both the X and Y enzyme
function at?
15. Which enzyme works over a broader temperature
16. Which enzyme works best at higher temperatures?
17. Fill out the chart with details about the four carbon compounds.
Carbon Compound
Monomer (basic unit)
18. Fill in the chart on water below:
Property of water
Universal Solvent
Major concepts that
go with that