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Vocabulary Project – Honors World Literature
Due – Friday, August 15, 2014
***Staple this sheet to your final product***
The purpose of this project is to familiarize yourself with your vocabulary terms. You
will have the opportunity to choose which items you complete. Complete four of the
items below. Be sure to put a check mark beside the four options you choose.
 Make a set of flash cards for all of the words on the list
 Create a poem that includes all the vocabulary words and reflects upon the theme
of literature. Underline the words.
 Create a story using 15 of the words with context clues of their meaning. The
words you used need to be underlined.
 Find newspaper or magazine articles that contain the required vocabulary words.
Highlight the vocabulary words, and underline the context clues that define the
 Find newspaper headlines that contain each of the words. It might be possible to
find more than one word in the headline.
 Create a Jeopardy! game that categorizes the words. Come up with your own
categories and be sure they make sense and are logical. Be able to justify your
categories and the words they contain.
 Write and illustrate a Children’s Book that explains each word – make it
alphabetical or thematically categorized.
 Create your own definitions for the words and explain your rationale for them.
 List each of the vocabulary words, and two metaphors to describe each.
 Write an original sentence for each of your vocabulary words. Draw a picture that
properly depicts the sentence you constructed. Sentences must be original and
may not be taken from the web.
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