6-1 India's First Civilization Geography: You will be given maps of

6-1 India’s First Civilization
Geography: You will be given maps of Asia. On the maps, you will need to identify
India, its capital New Delhi, Calcutta, the Himalaya Mountains, the Ganges River,
the Indus River, the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean.
Read page 195 to determine how geography impacted farming in India’s early
Read about India’s First Civilization on page 196. How did the monsoons help
Indian farmers?
Read the rest of page 196, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, and all of page 197. List 12
characteristics of Harrapan history, life, and society.
On pages 198 & 199 the book tells us about the Aryans. A.) You need to read
about this group and then create a Venn diagram in which you will compare
Aryan society to Harapan society. B.) Answer the following question: How did the
Aryans change after moving to India?
Research 16 languages of the Indian empire. What are they, and where is each
spoken in India.
Essential Question: How could having a population that speaks many languages
affect efforts to unify an area?
Last, read the 3 paragraphs about Society in Ancient India beginning on page 199,
and about the Role of Men and Women on page 201. Outline what a man’s role was
and what a woman’s role was, and discuss how the caste system may have had an
impact on their roles.