Mr. Trzepinska World Cultures Review Sheet – Ancient India Quiz

Mr. Trzepinska
World Cultures
Review Sheet – Ancient India Quiz
Be sure to read and be familiar with the following sections of your text book.
Chapter 3 Section 1 – Early Civilization of India and Pakistan p. 68 – 77
Chapter 3 Section 2 – Hinduism and Buddhism p. 76 – 83
Chapter 3 Section 3 – Powerful Empires of India p. 84 – 91
Be sure to study the PowerPoint notes (Available on Mr. T’s School Wire Page)
Indian Geography
- Know where the first Indian Civilizations developed
- Know the Geography (rivers, mountains, desserts, plateau, etc) – Remember the map you did!
- Know the natural disasters and their impact on India
Ancient Civilizations
- Know when Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were discovered
- Know the characteristics of the civilization of Mohenjo-Daro
- Compare/Contrast India to the Greece and Rome
- Know what caused the ancient civilizations to end (Not the atomic bomb)
Hinduism and Buddhism
- Know the meaning of Dharma, Karma, Mosha, and Reincarnation
- Know the different Hindu Gods
- Know the levels of the Caste System
- Know the history of Buddhism and why it was founded
- Know the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path
- Know the different forms of Buddhism and where they are popular
Indian Empires
- Know the history of Mauryan Empire (founding, history, important people/rulers)
- Know how Asoka ran his empire and what happened to it after he died
- Know the characteristics of India’s “Golden Age”
Short Answer
Explain how Ancient India has influenced modern civilization. Recall what we learned during this unit:
Geography of India and the 5 Themes of Geography
Early Indian Civilization (Archeology Lesson)
Religions – Hinduism and Buddhism
Social Organization
Achievements of the Empires of India