India's First Civilizations

India's First Civilizations QUIZ 4­1 Column B ___1. a strong wind that blows one way in winter and another way in summer ___2. a social group from which one cannot leave ___3. a teacher for boys who come from the top of society ___4. a prince ___5. Aryan written language system Column A A. guru B. raja C. Sanskrit D. caste E. monsoon Directions: Short Answer Answer each question or statement below on the line provided. 6. The __________ River and the _________ River feed two fertile river valleys in India. 7. The early civilization in India was called the _______________ or Indus civilization. 8. Cattle were prized possessions for the Aryans because they provided _______________, __________________ and _________________________. 9. Aryan technology improved farming in India with the use of iron _________. 10. Brahmins and Kshatriyas were the top two _________ or social classes.