Grade 7 TV Ad Outline

 In groups of 3 you will be making a 30 second television commercial. The product or service in you commercial needs to help the environment. Everyone in your group will need to have an equal role in the creation of this commercial. Here is what you will need to do in order to have a successful commercial: 1 -­ CREATING AN IDEA Fill in the following information for yourself to help you better understand your product: Name of the Product Company That Makes It Slogan (ex: Subway’s is “Eat Fresh”) How does it help the environment (Be specific)? Why is this important? What does the product look like? Who in your group will make your product? When will it be done by? 2 – CREATING COMMERCIAL You only have 30 seconds to tell the audience the following: -­‐ What’s wrong with the environment ** This has to be REAL FACTS ** -­‐ What’s your product -­‐ How it will help the environment -­‐ Your company name and slogan (your video should end with this). You should STORY BOARD you commercial. This is where you draw stick figure step-­‐by-­‐step instructions for your group about what will happen in your commercial. You should have a variety of shot types in your commercial. DO NOT keep the camera in one spot. Here are a few types of shots that you can use: -­‐ Two shot – has two or more people in the shot -­‐ Mid Shot – Shows the person from the waist up -­‐ Close up – Is close enough so you can see a persons face -­‐ EXTREME Close up – Focus’s on one feature – hand, eye, etc. While this is being done you need to get PERMISSION to be taping around the school. You need to have permission from the following people to be allowed to leave the room to tape: -­‐ The teachers whose room you will be taping outside of – ex: outside the gym needs Mr. Speechley or Mrs. Martin’s signature. -­‐ Mrs. Breckman (the secretary) -­‐ Me . . . Mr. Bonnici – I sign it at the end once you are all done. You also need to have the time, date and the names of the people who will be out of the classroom. Example Permission Letter: Wednesday January 34th, Day 8 – From 11:15 – 12:00 Bart Simpson, Meg Griffin, Eric Cartman Ms. Coutts -­‐ ________________________________ Resource Room -­‐ _______________________________ Mrs. Breckman -­‐ __________________________________ Mr. Bonnici -­‐ ________________________________________ Once you have the storyboard drawn out, your product made and your permissions filled out you are ready to move on. 3 – PRACTICE . . . . This is where you ask to go into the hallway outside my room and practice before I give you the camera. 4 – VIDEO TAPING You are not allowed to leave the classroom without the following: -­‐ a completed storyboard -­‐ a signed permission sheet -­‐ a finished product Tips for helpful taping: -­‐ once you get to your location, practice the scene once or twice first. Then videotape. This includes the camera operator. -­‐ Tape an extra second at the beginning and at the end. This can be CUT out later. -­‐ Tape your scene twice . . .just incase. -­‐ Tape again if the bell goes off or someone ruins the scene (other student, etc.) -­‐ Speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY!! -­‐ When talking make sure you DO NOT have your back to the camera. The microphone will not be able to pick up what you are saying. -­‐ Make slow and controlled movements with the camera. -­‐ Have Fun!! 5 – EDITING Load the video into iMovie and then edit it. Once the video is done you need to export it to a LARGE movie format and then drop off that file. **Do not tell me in your commercial who made the commercial (as in your names). Do not say “THE END” at the end.**