Film techniques match and draw activity

Film techniques match and draw activity
Draw a line to match the film techniques in first column with the description of the technique
in the second column. In the third column there are three blank boxes. Write the name of one
of the film techniques in the box and draw how it might look on the screen.
Film technique
Close up (CU)
Extreme close up (ECU)
Mid (medium) shot (MS)
Long shot (LS)
Establishing shot
Panning shot
Tracking shot
Point of view shot
Zoom in/out
Shows an entire object or human
figure to place it in some relation
to its surroundings.
Examples of film
Close up
Sets up a scene's setting and/or its
Tightly frames a person or an
object. Shows detail.
The horizontal movement or
rotation of a camera, or the
scanning of a subject horizontally.
Results in a motion similar to that
of someone shaking their head "no"
The shot is so tight that every
detail can be seen.
Shot of a person from the waist up.
Shows facial expressions, but
works well to show body language
A segment in which the camera is
mounted on a wheeled platform
that is pushed on rails while the
picture is being taken.
A short film scene that shows what
a character (the subject) is looking
When the camera moves in on or
away from an object or person
while filming for dramatic effect.
The process of causing a picture to
gradually darken or lighten and
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