Adjusting Contrast and Light in Images

Friday, November 3, 2006
Another Law:
Weinberg’s Second Law – If
builders built buildings the way
programmers wrote programs, the
first woodpecker that came along
would have destroyed civilization.
Editing Pictures in Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Part Two: Light and Contrast
In the last tip we showed you how to quickly crop images in Office products. Today
we’re going to discuss adjusting lighting and contrast.
Let’s say we want to lighten the image to the left. Click
on the image to get the picture toolbar. Remember if it
doesn’t appear after clicking the image, go to View –
Toolbars and click Picture.
Click the more brightness icon as many times as
necessary to
get the effect
you want.
To adjust the contrast, click the more contrast or less contrast icons
To adjust the color, click the color icon
Remember that adjust an image in the document does not affect the original in
any way. If you aren’t happy with what you get, simply delete the image and start over.
Next time: Rotating and resizing.