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Office: (931) 802-8200 * Cell/Txt: (931) 980-9764 LISTING AGENT INFO SHEET Remember: No Origination, No Underwriting, No Processing Fees on VA New Construction Loans! (640+) Buyers Name: Listing Agent: _______________________________ Property: ______________________________________________ _______________________________ Date Sent: ______________________________________________ Please complete and return via fax to 1 (931) 451‐3554 (MAKE SURE TO DIAL THE 1‐931) or email: Processor@AMPLoan.com I am looking forward to working with you on this home loan. My goal is to streamline the mortgage process and avoid miscommunication by keeping you informed during the loan process via email and text message. If you have any questions, please email Processor@AMPLoan.com. Phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours. We send out updates via email every MONDAY on files in process. For the absolute fastest response please TEXT me at (931) 980‐9764. Please complete the following so that you can receive updates on loan progress: ( ) Monday updates should be sent to this email address: _________________________________________________________________________ AGENT INFORMATION: Preferred Ph#_______________________________________ Fax#______________________________________ Text Message Ph# (if preferred)_________________________ Cell Carrier:________________________________ Assistant Name (if applicable):____________________________________ Ph#_____________________________ Assistant Email:________________________________________________________________________________ SELLER INFORMATION: Will the seller be present for closing? ( ) Yes ( ) No, documents will need to be mailed away to seller Please forward seller’s contact and payoff information to the title company at your earliest convenience. BUILDER INFORMATION: For NEW CONSTRUCTION, we will need the following items as soon as possible: 1.
VA Builder ID#___________________ (if applicable) 2.
Certificate of Occupancy & Building Permit 3.
Corporate resolution authorizing contract signer to sign on behalf of building company 4.
Fully Executed Residential Property Disclosure/Exemption 5.
Warranty of Completion of Construction (VA Form 26‐1859) or 2‐10 Warranty 6.
Builder’s CABO & Lead/Water Certification 7.
Soil Treatment Letters (with complete address and ZIP CODE) 8.
Ventless Fireplace Letter (If Applicable): a written statement from a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor on letterhead (or with contractor contact information) stating that the existing "Ventless Fireplace" was equipped with an approved Oxygen Depletion Sensor and that it meets local building codes or is installed according to the manufacturers specs. *WE CANNOT BEGIN PROCESSING THIS FILE OR ORDER ANY OF THE REQUIRED ITEMS UNTIL THE FOLLOWING INFO IS PROVIDED* APPRAISAL: Is house ready for appraisal? ( ) YES ( ) NO If not, what is the estimated completion date?_________________________ TITLE WORK: Please confirm the title company chosen per contract:__________________________________________________________ SURVEY: If a survey is required/requested by buyer, title co. or underwriter who is your preferred surveyor:______________________ TERMITE/SOIL TREATMENT: ( )Agent will provide or ( )Atlas to order from:____________________________________________________ Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you on this loan ATLAS CONTACT INFORMATION FOR THIS MORTGAGE LOAN: Kate Matties
Sr. Loan Originator * NMLS18487 Kate@AMPLoan.com or Kate.Matties@Gmail.com Text Message/Cell# (931) 980‐9764 Beth King
Sr. Loan Processor Beth@AMPLoan.com or Processor@AMPLoan.com Phone (931) 802‐8200