Student lesson plan week 3

Student lesson Plan sheet
Week 3
Monday- (Review Opportunity costs, Incentives, Risk and return)
a. What is inflation
a. Who benefits
b. Who loses
b. Write half a page on how the US government should tax its people (progressive,
regressive, or proportional) and defend your answer.
c. How does Sales tax affect different income groups
a. write half a page on a plan for you to build your credit worthiness.
b. If you were taking out a 10 yr loan of $100,000 would you rather take a
4% compound interest loan or 5% simple interest loan? Interest is
compounded annually. Take into account that you apparently will pay the
entire loan off on the 10yr mark because it is a business investment and
the returns will be great enough for you to make it. (defend your answer)
i. What if interest was compounded monthly? (answer the question)
Tuesday- Notes Standards SSEPF 5 and 6
a. List the various types of insurance.
b. For the types of interest what are the costs and benefits associated with them.
a. Write half a page on the skills needed to be successful, and how investments in
education, training, and skill development could help out.
FridayReview for test
Introduce Personal Finance project
Turn in all this weeks work