Ujjivan Financial Services
Ujjivan in a snap shot
•Established in Bangalore in November 2005
•Serves 1.1 million customers in 20 states
•332 branches & 3800 employees
•Loans disbursed Rs.2489 Crores
•Loan outstanding Rs. 652 Crores
•Repayment Rate – 98.05%
•Number of loans disbursed in August: 103,000
•Number of repayments processed in August: 800,000
•Number of life insurance issued in August: 50,000
MFI’s Standard Loan Transactions
 Average Loan size : Rs.15,000
 This loan has to be acquired & serviced over a one year tenor
Acquisition & servicing on a weekly or monthly basis is done at
customer’s door-step on a person to person basis.
All transactions done in cash.
Maximum interest charged 26% p.a.: Interest revenue – Rs. 1840
Maximum operating expenses over one year of loan- Rs.850
Ujjivan’s Technology Infrastructure
• Banker’s Realm. Net Version - Core Banking System
Web based version which provides on line connectivity of
333 branches with centralized back end.
Requires access to credit bureau for credit approval
Allows for outsourcing of data entry to reduce cost
 Successfully piloted with Artoo, loan application processing &
transacting cash collections from the field using Android Devices.
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