Family Conflict Script

Family Conflict Script
In our study of the theme of time, we have discussed why families come into
conflict. We have read short stories, poems and a play about family conflicts:
The Rabbit
A Man Who Finds His Son Has Become a Thief
Warren Pryor
Lamb to the Slaughter
Like Father Like Son
Bend it Like Beckham
Now I would like you to write a script on the topic. You are going to work in
groups of 4 or 5 and with your partners you will write a script about a typical family
conflict. It could be about parents arguing about money. It could be about parents
arguing with teens about grades, it could be about siblings arguing about use of the
computer or wireless internet. Your script should be in the same format as “Like Father
Like Son”. Once your script is complete I will photocopy one for everyone in your group.
You can then create a video on the Imovie app with your Ipad. Or you can choose to
act it live in front of the class. The scene should be short and have a clear beginning,
middle and end. You don’t need to memorize your lines, but you need to read them
with feeling and not just break down into laughter. I also don’t want any violence or
physical fighting.
You will be assessed using the following criteria:
Content – How interesting, creative and realistic was you script?
Mechanics – spelling and grammar
Acting and Voice – Could we hear the actors? Did you stay in character? Did you read
with feeling?
Organization and editing of scene – Could we follow the plot? Did you use appropriate
editing and effects?