Script Writing Assignment

Script Writing Assignment
Length: 500-700 words
Story Requirements:
 Your script must take place in the overall setting of a highschool. Consider the
following suggestions:
o Classroom
o Hallway
o Staircase
o Locker-room
o Cafeteria
o Bathroom
* Consider the types of conflicts that may occur in any of these settings.
 Your script should revolve around a compelling conflict (problem).
 Your script may have a maximum of 3 characters.
 Your conflict needs to be developed and resolved by the end of your script – ie:
your story needs to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Script Conventions:
 Your script must include the following”
o An original and compelling title.
o A list of characters at the beginning (ie: “Dramatis personae”)
o A narrator or “Scene” description at the beginning, which sets the stage
and gives us details of the setting and characters as the play begins.
o Dialogue (with all speakers clearly identified)
o Stage directions (for any actions that happen on stage, and for any special
delivery the actors may need – ie: “quietly”, “shouting”, “annoyed”, etc.)