Sound in advertising
The radio case
Radio elements
The radio creation is a combination of words,
sound and music
Words to
the product
to build
Sound to
words, to act
for mood
and action
Music for
should be
adapted for
the brand
Manual effects : produced live
Recorded effects
Electronic effects : with studio equipment
Sound: radio essential
• Directed to the imagination of the listeners
• Ads should create a “theater in the mind” through
sound because radio creates a “theater scenes” for
the listeners imagination by painting pictures in
• Human voice is the most important sound in radio
(beside music, special effects…)
• We talk about « voice stamp » (timbre de voix)
The radio script
• The script should be written in a professional manner
containing the intro (attractive and rise attention), the
product benefits and the closing
• Script characteristics : simplicity, clarity, coherence,
pleasantness, believability, interest, and distinctiveness
1, 2…..
and In seconds
Radio basic elements
4 basic elements in radio commercials:
1. Look for an idea, a line or concept valorising your argumentation and product
2. Work on discourse before, whether it is a dialogue or a monologue
• Dialogue gives the audience the chance to participate
• Monologue creates intimacy for the audience
3. The script, choice of words (not more than 20 words in a sentence)
• The promise shouldd not come first, for more efficiency we talk on the
«Unique Selling Proposition» (USP) in the heart of the discourse, a
strategic and central moment
• Always think about «Call To Action» (CTA).
1. Respect timing, 120 words for a 30s spot - 2 to 3 words/sc
• The 5 first seconds are important, the ear-catcher
• The conclusion is also important
Radio technics
• Straight announcer : to deliver
the entire script
• Two-announcer : to give variation
in voices
• Announcer-actor : for animation
• Slice-of-life : to give audience
members something or someone
they can relate
• Combination : use of 2 or 3 of
these techniques
10 seconds : 25 words
20 seconds : 45 words
30 seconds : 65 words
60 seconds : 125 words
Radio placement
Define your campaign goals:
• Before you start a radio campaign, you need to have simple,
straightforward, and measurable goal.
a simple message: Keep your message simple:
Talk about Benefits
Show Undeniable Value
Ask the listener to take an action
Home-Run Radio Ad (HRRA):
• Audience will need to hear your ad 11 times before they LISTEN to it.
• The number of times a radio station listener hears your ad is called the
commercial frequency.
• You might need 30-50 times to get a frequency that convinces listeners.
How long should the commercial run?:
• Need to constantly run a commercial.
• Running 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks off is a good compromise that gets
the frequency.