TA 10 Intro to Design

TA 10 Intro to Design
Assignment #1
TRUE WEST script breakdown
Handed out: Oct. 4
Due: Thursday, Oct. 11
Part One:
By the time you start this assignment you should have read
Sam Shepard’s TRUE WEST at least twice.
Create a script breakdown for TRUE WEST. This should be a
clear and simple document. The goal of a script breakdown
is to note on paper all pertinent information that the
playwright has given to the director, actors and designers.
That includes all information about time of day, props and
furniture needed by the actors to complete the action of
the play, all sound effects, any important lighting
effects, any costume information given in the script as
well as any other facts given in the script by the
Remember: You are not listing those things that the
playwright has described in the initial “set description”,
etc. You are noting those facts that are “embedded” in the
dialog and action.
Keep the document simple:
Page x
always depress me….”
“… the autumn leaves falling outside
Page xi
driving me nuts…”
“… the church bell chiming is
“ … let me help you with that box…”
And so on.
Part Two:
Write a BRIEF paper – no longer than two
spaced – in which you discuss the themes
not summarize the plot. Instead, analyze
several themes of the play. Use specific
script when pertinent.
pages, doubleof THRUE WEST. Do
and explain the
examples from the