BPO Introduction at DDC OS-Final

Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions
Achieving Your Business Goals
DDC Outsourcing Solutions
(DDC OS) is a leading provider of
innovative outsourced back office
solutions to a range of public, private,
and non-profit customers.
Business goals may include;
Our services integrate with our clients’
business processes, assisting them in
achieving their organisational goals
and reducing their overheads whilst
generating often substantial cost
savings and improvements in quality
and service.
We offer a suite of outsourced
solutions and deploy core processes
including document scanning, data
capture, response handling and
inbound/outbound contact centre.
Our roster of clients can vouch for their
effectiveness and the innovative
approach we take to problem solving.
Our aim is that by assisting our clients
with their back office business
processes, they can reduce costs and
have more resources available to
achieve their key business objectives.
Our Approach
As organisations grow, merge, or
undergo any form of significant
change it is important that attention is
given to the day to day business
processes and the effectiveness of
back office operations.
Reducing processing costs
and improving margins
Improving service quality and
reducing errors
Faster processing to improve
turnaround times
Enhancing sales revenue or
donations for non-profit
Dealing with any necessary
legislative and regulatory
By outsourcing business processes to
us, a client can expect a reduction in
cost and a measurable improvement in
its quality and output.
Our case studies demonstrate how we
bring our services and capabilities
together to provide powerful solutions
for our clients.
We understand that one size doesn’t
fit all, which is why we tailor our
services to suit the individual needs
of businesses.
We approach our clients with a view
to understanding clearly their
requirements and objectives.
It is always our intention to be
innovative in all that we do.
Telephone +44 (0)1909 488600 | Fax +44 (0)1909 488700
Email [email protected] | Web www.ddcos.com
It’s not just
about cost, it’s
also about
greater efficiency
and quality
Managing Director,