Pats and Plebs Activity

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Seventh Grade Social Studies
Mr. LaBrache/Miss Rice
Patricians and Plebeians in Ancient Rome
A T-Chart
Below you will find a T-chart with one side completed. As we go over the “Historical Reality” of
what was happening in Ancient Rome, fill in the matching information under the “In-Class
Experience” column.
Historical Reality
In-Class Experience
* Patricians were members of a small number
of wealthy families and inherited their
political power and wealth
* A small group of Pats were selected at
random by the teacher
* Patricians made most of the political
* Pats voted on the way the Plebs would
created the mosaic tiles
* Plebeians made up the bulk of Roman
society – working as a peasants, artisans,
laborers and shopkeepers
* The majority of the class were Plebs
preparing mosaic tiles
* Plebeians had fewer privileges than
patricians and could not serve in the
* Plebs were not allowed to make decisions
on how to prepare the mosaic tiles, or to
relax with the Pats in the “Forum”
* Plebeians withdrew from Rome when their
political demands were not met
* Some Plebs stopped preparing mosaic
tiles and moved to a corner of the room
* Plebeians elected TRIBUNES OF THE
PLEBS to protect their political rights
* Plebs elected two representatives to
negotiate with the Pats