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The Origins of Rome a.

Rome’s Geography a.

Romulus and Remus, sons of the God

Mars and a Latin princess b.

raised by a she-wolf; founded the city in

753 B.C. near a spot on the Tiber River. c.

Rome was built on seven rolling hills at a curve in the river. d.

Rome was located on the Italian

Peninsula, midway between the Italian

Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. b.

The First Romans a.

First settlers = prehistoric people b.

1000 – 500B.C. three groups inhabit the region = Latins, Greeks, Etruscans. c.

Latins were the first Romans. d.

Greeks influenced trade, Etruscans provided an alphabet and architecture.


The Early Republic a.

The early government = Etruscan monarchy. a.

Romans drove Etruscan king away, vowed never to be ruled by a king b.

Create a republic = res publica “public affair” c.

Only free-born male citizens could vote b.

Patricians and Plebeians = early republic a.

Early republic creates a struggle for power between wealthy landowners and common workers b.

Plebeians formed Tribunes to represent them. c.

Twelve Tables a.

Written law code b.

All free people are afforded protection under the law c.

Publicly displayed

Senate aristocrats (patricians) legislative function serve for life

The Roman Republic

Consuls two consuls lead the military and gov. serve for one year

cannot be re-elected for ten yrs

Centuriate Assembly soldiers only serve for life choose the consuls

Tribal Assembly commoners (plebeians) legislative function serve for life