Roman Republic Questions

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Ancient Rome Gallery Walk
You will have the opportunity to walk around the den to look at a set of posters. These posters
contain important information that you will need to answer the questions below. Please take
your time and view all the information before moving on to the next poster.
The Roman Republic
1. According to the map on poster one, where is the center of the Roman Republic
located? How do you know?
2. Where was Rome founded? (Hint: According to legend…)
3. What is a republic?
4. The Roman Senate was made up of 300 upper class men. What are upper class men
referred to as in Roman society?
5. Describe the role of the Roman Consul:
6. When would the Roman Republic appoint a dictator?
7. According to the timeline, when were Plebeians allowed to be Consuls?
8. Describe the different attitudes among the Patricians and the Plebeians. Be sure to
support your answer with evidence from the text.
9. Did the Patricians and Plebeians have equal representation in the government?
10. Civil war breaks out in Rome. Who is able to rise to power during this time?
11. What was the First Triumvirate?
12. What happens to Julius Caesar? Why do you think this happened? (Opinion)