Parts Inventory Organization - Eng

(Parts Inventory Organization) S.T.A.R. Situation – Task – Action – Results Situation: Fortune 500 company implements a new main production line but needs all replacement parts organized, stored and catalogued. Thousands of parts for backup inventory were accumulating in large piles with no stock numbers. Part were being shipped overnight and lost resulting in additional shipping fees. No single person(s) from the owner’s team was available to develop a system to rectify the situation. Task: Organize, store and inventory all replacement parts for a new factory line. Create a system of request and retrieval to manage product permanently. Eliminate line down time due to missing repair parts. Action: ESI specialists began working 40hrs per week. Immediately organized all parts in groups and began identifying with stock numbers and locations. We worked with the owner to organize pallet racking, shelving and bins to organize inventory in an adjacent facility. Results: All stock on hand was organized, marked with numbering system to identify and being placed in appropriate stock locations. Requests for parts through SAP are routed and delivered using ESI’s team located on site. This organization eliminated the persistent loss of parts ordered but never received. Organizing this area will save thousands of dollars in reordering the same part over and over again. Organized parts helped reduce equipment down time and virtually eliminated overnight freight and shipping fees. Working with client requirements
Unsorted Parts in piles Organizing parts for S.A.P. use
Nuts, Bolts, Small items Repair parts
Large replacement parts