Question 10 Resolution

Sheldon O. Kipp
Supervisory Highway Engineer
BIADOT - Albuquerque
November 28, 2012
Anchorage, AK
Items to be covered
 TTP Inventory
 “Eligible” versus “Formula contributing”
 Status of 2012 inventory review
 Effects on new MAP-21
 Updated “Road Inventory Field Data System” module
 Resulting updated RIFDS Training
Status of 2012 inventory review
 Consisted of approximately 11,000 sections
 Anticipated first round of review will be
completed by mid-December
 “Parking Lot” :
 BIA-owned routes and facilities
 Tribally-owned routes and facilities
Updated RIFDS module
 New platform: single server mode (Jan 2012)
 Compatible with ArcGIS environment
 Allow for transfer of data to RIFDS
 Eventually provide mapping capability for BIA
 Update of Coding Guide
 Capture recent updates: Road Category field
 Review need for new changes
 Streamline and make user friendly
Updated RIFDS training
 Currently scheduling training sessions for 2012