Cultivating a Heart for Your Husband

~ Cultivating a Heart for Your Husband ~
I first conceived of this challenge as a way to bless my own husband and marriage. After
seeing how much fruit it bore, I decided to create this little guide and offer it to anyone else
who might be interested in doing something similar.
A couple of notes: the challenge is meant to be started on a Wednesday but if you shift the days
around a bit, you can start on any day of the week you like! Also, be sure to read ahead. A
couple of the daily tasks require a bit of advance preparation.
Day 1 – A Day of Prayer
Pray for your husband in a special way today. Light a candle upon rising. Each time you pass by
during your day, let it be a reminder to you to lift him up in prayer. Pray, too, that God will
inspire you with ways to demonstrate your gratitude to him over these next two weeks.
Day 2 – Rise and Shine
Rise and shine, girls! Get up with your husband and get his day off to a cozy start. Warm his
towels in the dryer while he showers; make him a hot breakfast; and if it’s cold outside turn on
his car a few minutes before he has to leave so that it will be warm when he gets in. And don’t
forget to give him a smokin’ hot kiss before he departs!
Day 3 – Date Night
It’s Friday! The perfect day for a very special at-home Date Night! Spend your day picking out
the entertainment (with him in mind - no chick flicks!), preparing a feast of delicious food,
drink, and dessert, and turning your bedroom into a romantic love nest. Put your best sheets on
the bed, remove clutter, and add candles, flowers and the like. (Oh, and one more thing: when
the time comes, initiate. Wink, wink.)
Day 4 – A Little Personal Time
Offer your husband the opportunity to get out by himself for a while to do whatever it is he likes
to do. If your schedule doesn’t allow for him to head out today, look for a day in the next week or
so that would work with both of your schedules. Pen it in.
Day 5 – Love Coupons
Create a booklet of coupons for your guy to redeem at a date and time of his choosing. Does he
like to sleep in? Include a coupon for a morning of rest. Does he have a favorite meal? Give him
a coupon for a dinner of his choice. You know he thinks you’re pretty cute! Include a few
coupons for physical affection. You know him best - give him coupons tailored to his preferences
and desires.
Day 6 – Appreciative Glances
Frame a picture of him and put it on your desk or bedside table; use a picture of him to
wallpaper your computer’s background; or tuck a photo of him into your wallet. Make sure he
sees it and knows just how handsome you think he is. Lay it on thick, ladies.
Day 7 – A List of Ten
Write a list of ten reasons you’re thankful for your husband. Make it a point to create a list that
makes mention of things you might not compliment him on often. When you’re finished, quietly
leave your list in a place he’s sure to stumble across sometime during his day.
Day 8 – Evening Ambiance
It’s Wednesday! I don’t know why it is, but Wednesdays are notoriously difficult. Create a
welcoming environment for your husband to come home to at the end of the day. A few ideas for
creating such an environment include: having his preferred evening drink ready, putting out a
tray of his favorite appetizers, lowering the lights, turning on his favorite music, and making
sure the house is tidy.
Day 9 – A Helping Hand
Help your husband with his chores today. Does he usually take out the trash? Clean-up after
dinner? Give the little ones their evening bath? Smile and insist on covering it for him.
Encourage him to do something relaxing while you cheerfully tend to his usual duties.
Day 10 – Fetching Frocks and Pretty Pumps
Take extra care with your appearance today. If your morning is too hectic, primp while the
babies sleep in the afternoon. Slip into a fetching frock, don a pair of pretty pumps, do your hair
and make-up, and spritz on a bit of perfume. Then hit your husband with your best flirty look
when he walks in the door.
Day 11 – A Sweet Treat
Make your husband’s favorite dessert. If you wanted to serve it to him wearing a super cute
apron, I can’t imagine he’d mind. Just make sure he knows that you made it with him in mind
even if the whole family will be partaking.
Day 12 – A Token of Your Affection
Surprise your husband with a gift. Try to think of something that he’s had his eye on for a long
time, encourages him in pursuing one of his passions, or speaks of your love for him. Make sure
you wrap it (if possible) so it’s fun for him to open!
Day 13 – Passionate Praise
Make a point of complimenting him at least five times today. Try to appreciate and comment on
things about him that you might normally take for granted. And if there’s something in
particular he’s been struggling with, be sure to praise him for his efforts in that area.
Day 14 – Words of Love
Write your better half a love letter. Take a bit of time to reflect upon the things about him that
you love before you pen it. Choose beautiful stationary or some other attractive medium. Then
write from the heart and share with him the many reasons you are so grateful to possess the love
and devotion of such an amazing man. Present it to him on Thanksgiving Day with a hug and a
The woman is at the heart of the home. Let us pray that we women realize the reason
for our existence: to love and be loved and through this love become instruments of peace
in the world. ~ Mother Teresa