Quiz #2

Black History Month Quiz #
As President of Parkwood
Entertainment, super star
Beyonce` hired husband,
businessman, rapper, and
music producer Jay Z as
As the first blacks elected as
U.S. President and First Lady,
this couple has modeled the
impact of a loving husband
and wife team; respect, faith,
and family are core values.
These legendary stars of film,
stage, and television, were a
beloved and revered couple.
They were cherished not just for
their acting artistry but for their
lifelong commitment to civil
rights, family, and black history.
This Olympic Couple did
much to support Black
Students with Scholarships
and Track Training Camps.
Ruth wrote and produced,
The Jesse Owens Story, for TV
to honor her husband’s
Godly relationship winners of
Wal-Mart's Morehouse
College 2013 Black Love and
Relationships Award. They are
Pastors of Atlanta’s Full
Gospel Baptist Church.
This Saginaw Michigan
Journalistic Pair first
published Word Up in 2004.
The magazine focuses on
African American Achievers.
Married in 1927, this civil
rights couple stood
together hand-in-hand
marching against racist.
Parents of 4 children!
Dimension Duo had
hits like, Your Love, and
You Don’t Have To Be A
Star. The pair won a Grammy
Award and had a TV show.
Detroit Journalists and
authors of This Day In
African American Life in
Detroit. Kim was the 1
and youngest WSU
Conant Pastor and First Lady
have served as a Shepherding
Pair for more than a decade in
this community. Adopting
Families; their work with
infants, children, and the poor