Outline of Juvenal Satire VI

Outline of Juvenal Satire VI
1-37: Introduction. Chastity (Pudicitia), Justice (Astraea), The Ages (Golden, Silver, Iron), Postumus marrying
38-59: Exemplum One. Ursidius marrying but no chaste women
60-81: Women and Actors
81-113: Eppia, the wife of a senator, abandons husband and home to follow a gladiator
114-135: Messallina, wife of emperor Claudius goes whoring
136-141: Wealthy wives and their lack of restraint
142-160: Beautiful wife only kept so long as she is beautiful, during which she ruin’s her husband’s finances
161-183: There are no acceptable women, and the few good ones are haughty for it
184-199: Women’s use of Greek as enticement
200-230: Why marry at all? A wife will run your life and turn it upside down
231-241: The mother in law
242-267: Women in court, in the arena
268-285: To hide her adulterous affairs, she’ll try to turn the tables on you
286-300: Often called the locus de saeculo, a topos describing the advent of moral decay, usually as a result of
301-345: Luxurious banquet, defilement of Chastity’s alter, the rites of the Good Goddess (Bona Dea)
352-365: Getting dressed up for the games
O1-O34: Having an effeminate man in the house
366-378: Women and Eunuchs
379-397: Women and Musicians
398-456: Women conducting themselves as men
457-473: Women and cosmetics
474-507: Typical day in a woman’s life, beating slaves, getting ready for her lover
508-511: Ruining the husband’s finances
512-591: Participation in all types of ritual oddities
592-609: Avoiding pregnancy (abortifacients and contraceptives)
610-626: Potions to control or kill the husband
627-661: Women killing children or step-children
[634-638, interlude about speaker’s credibility]
[643-661: Exempla from Tragedy]