19th Century women`s roles in the west

Basic Outline
By: Ciarra, Trisha, and Jane
What’s the difference between their rights?
What were the limitations and restrictions for women who wanted to work?
What was the communities’ opinions of women during this time?
1879 – women had the right to be involved in
politics and study the law
Today - women are just as common and equal
to men in the political field
 women got the right to vote
 Single women could own property
 the wife is the actual bondservant of her
husband, she is basically a step up from his
Women’s most significant profession was considered to be
wifehood and motherhood
Women's rights were limited and they were considered as
little more that property.
They were considered intellectually inferior to men,
naturally weaker, and unable to perform jobs that involved
intellectual and developmental tasks.
They were considered to be a source of temptation and
Legal Status:
An unmarried woman had the ability to own property, and
had other legal rights such as the ability to sue or be sued
and make contracts. A married woman was considered to
be “one with her husband”, have no rights, and all her
property was moved under her husbands name.
Women were not allowed to have jobs that required lifting
or working with objects over 15 pounds of weight.