Instruction for SONA and Submission

Instructions for SONA system login and submission of alternative assignment.
1. Our SONA system is under the name of Institute of Social Science Research, not in the
Psychology department!
To enter the SONA system, type the following web address in your browser.
2. Enter Y0UR ASU RITE ID in the blank. The default Password is Student.
Note: Plz enter YOUR
ID, definitely not the
one shown on the
Besides, you may be
asked to change your
password in the first
time login. Just follow
the direction on the
3. Click on My Schedule to schedule a study. You may be asked to finish the Pre- screen Survey
Note: you can login the system and view your credit or pending studies afterwards.
If you want to choose the alternative assignment (writing a paper), you need to go through the
following process.
1. Login the ASU Blackboard, this is how it may look like
Website for ASU Blackboard is
2. Click on Organizations and you shall find the link for SPGS lab
3. You shall find the link for SPGS after clicking.
4. In the following page, click on CONTENT.
5. Scroll all the way down and following the instruction of submission.