Sona Systems Training - Psychology

Sona Systems Training
Oklahoma State University
Email questions to [email protected]
Before Proceeding…
Please make sure notes are displayed (in this
– Click on View->Notes Page
– Do not “play” this slide show or the notes will not
Make sure your email accepts messages from Sona.
– Log in to your Okstate email
– Click on Options->Manage Junk E-mail lists->Add
– Type: and click OK.
Click Save and Close
Participant Account
You will need to request a new account, unless you
had an active participant account within the last two
If you already have an account, you still need to
complete the prescreener and update your
Researcher accounts do not count as participant
accounts! If you are a researcher, you must also
have a participant account to complete Sona credits.
There are at least three completely
separate Sona systems on campus.
Credits DO NOT transfer between the
Make sure you are using the correct URL!!!
(See next page)
Make sure that you enroll in the CORRECT
If you do not enroll correctly, you will not
show up on your instructor’s list and may not
receive credit for the studies you completed.
Check with your instructor BEFORE the end
of the semester to verify you are enrolled
Choosing More than One Class
If you are in more than one class that uses
Sona, select multiple classes from the course
list by holding down the CTRL key while you
make your selections.
Sample Email
• Your Participant login information for Research
Participation System is listed below.
User ID: PistolPete
Password: dsrj8lq3
Please go to to
login to the system.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
I don’t know my password!
How do I change my password?
Go to and click on
“Lost your password?” for instructions.
Once logged in, click on “My Profile” and follow the
What if I use a different email address?
You must have an account to sign up.
Once signed up, click on “My Profile” to change where
you would like your messages from Sona to be sent.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I change the courses I’m enrolled in on Sona
When logged in, click on “My Profile” and click “change
courses” at the bottom.
So what’s the deal with this online credit restriction?
The SONA system will limit how many online studies you
can do to ensure in-lab studies get participants. Half of
your credits will need to be in-lab.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How am I recruited for studies:
Some studies use the prescreen to recruit participants.
You will receive an email to participate based on your
prescreen responses. This email will either contain a link
to SONA to participate or a code you have to enter (still
found on SONA). To ensure you can participate in
studies, complete the prescreener accurately, keep
checking SONA for available studies, make sure you
have your email in your SONA account, and keep an eye
out for recruiting emails.
Make sure you are using the correct URL
and select the correct section.
Your okey information will not log you into
SONA. You have to request an account.
Please see the FAQ tab for more common
questions answered (including deadlines for
this semester).