For a general description of all courses you need the digital

For an overview and general description of all courses at Delft University of Technology you need to
consult the digital studyguide:
All courses at TU Delft have a combination of letters (programme) and numbers (course numbers) as
well as a full title. For example; MOT1420 and EPA1311. On the site of the digital study guide you can
search courses by code (e.g. MOT1420), instructor or text (part of the full title of the course), as can
be seen below:
If you want to view your complete programme, select “program” and choose organization.
Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Applied Sciences (AS)
Architecture (Arch)
Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG)
Computer Science (EEMCS)
Industrial Design Engineering (IDE)
Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Then select your ‘education type’, like bachelor or master. All Master courses are given in English. The
bachelor programmes are given in Dutch (except for Aerospace engineering).Then select the right
Master programme at ‘education’. Each Faculty offers several master programmes. For example at
TPM there are three different Master programmes (EPA, MOT and SEPAM). Choose either one of
these to check the courses.
Then, you will see the program you have chosen on the left side of the window. Choose 1e jaar (first
year) or 2e jaar (second year) and click on the courses to see all information about that specific
course: contact hours per week, in which quarter or semester the course is given, when you can take
exams. You will also find the name and email of the module manager. If you have any questions about
the course, send an email to the module manager.
You can't sign up for courses through the digital study guide. You can only find information about the
courses. Enrolling for a course is done through Blackboard with your NetID.