Achieving Diversity of Assessment on Taught Programmes

Achieving diversity of assessment on taught programmes
1. Assessment strategies can be designed across programmes rather than on a moduleby-module basis.
2. Choices about assessment can follow from programme aims and intended learning
outcomes. Modules then select assessment types that are appropriate. (e.g. verbal,
group-working, problem-solving and self- and peer-evaluation skills might be utilized
to greater effect)
3. The development of skills among students to succeed in diverse assessment tasks
takes time and practice in exactly the same way as learning how to write well. The
accumulation of skill is an incremental process that can best be embedded in an
entire curriculum rather than just in single occurrences. Therefore introducing
diversification of assessment is needed across all levels.
4. A map of assessment types across the programme can clarify the variety of
assessments planned, so that it can be designed to suit the variety of students and
intended learning outcomes.