210700 Major - Infotelecom Technologies and Communication

210700 Major - Infotelecom Technologies and Communication Systems
The modern level of society development is impossible without an opportunity of fast and
high-quality data exchange on a global scale both in terms of near and deep space. The need in
further increase in volume and rate of data exchange is continuously growing and requires
continuous development of telecommunications.
Today, the development of wire (including fibre-optic) communication networks is the
most intensive. They are used particularly for the Internet and mobile phones, including cellular
and personal satellite communication.
Graduates work with technological systems and technical devices that provide the reliable
transmission, reception, processing and storage of signs, signals, texts, images and sounds over
wire, radio and optical systems.
Training for a bachelor’s degree:
 For people with secondary and specialised secondary education
 Full-time, part-time education
 Training period – 4 years
 Distance and traditional education
 It is possible to study by accelerated course programme
Bachelor's degree programmes:
 Mobile communication systems
 Communication networks and switching systems
Training for a master’s degree:
 For people with bachelor's or specialist degree
 Full-time education
 Training period – 2 years
Master's degree programmes:
 Radioelectronic Systems and Telecommunication Units
 Communication Systems Engineering
Graduating Departments:
1) Department of Radioelectronic and Telecommunications Systems (RTS)
Head of Department
Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences Yazovsky Alexandr Afanasyevich
Classroom R-225, tel.: (343) 375-41-30, (343) 375-48-97
2) Department of Communications Equipment and Technologies
Head of Department
Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Ivanov Vyacheslav Elizbarovich
Classroom R-422, tel.: (343) 374-52-92, (343) 375-47-62