Beowulf Essay

Beowulf Essay
Choose one of the questions and write a 5-paragraph essay. Use all the resources possible
such as your book, the study guides, and your notes, and whatever else you need to write
the best and most in-depth essay as possible.
Expectations: Your essay will be 5 paragraphs; it will be typed (double-spaced), and 2-4
pages long OR If you do not have access to a computer then you may write out your
essay using blue or black ink only, should be double spaced (by skipping every other
line), and DO NOT write on the back. If you use sources (as in a direct quote) you must
cite it properly; if you are unsure about how to do this, and then please come see me
anytime after school for help.
DO NOT PLAGURIZE! This will result in an automatic F.
Writing Prompts1. Is Beowulf an ideal hero and king? How so? What sets him aside from all the
others? Compare Beowulf’s ideals, strengths, and weaknesses to a modern day
hero or leader.
2. Do you think that in the final battle that Beowulf behaved wisely or foolishly?
Choose a side and explain how Beowulf either fought in the best interest of his
people, or that he fought for personal glory and fame and had no regard for his
people’s welfare. What examples are given in the text to help support your claim?
3. What role does Christianity play in Beowulf? Discuss the tensions between
Christianity and the heroic honor code that is being replaced. Give specific
examples from the story of when the narrator made reference to God or Heaven.
4. Why is the oral tradition important? What are the characteristics that oral poetry
possesses? How is the oral tradition used in the poem, what significance does it
have? Use specific examples from the poem.
***This is worth 100 points. Late papers will be docked -10
points (1 day late), -20 points (2 days late), and -30 points (3
days late).