Beowulf Test Review

Beowulf Test Review
Multiple Choice topics
 Who is the author of Beowulf?
 When was Beowulf begun as an oral tradition?
 When was it eventually written down?
 At the beginning of the tale, which archetype is best represented by Beowulf?
 What is the name of the hall in Beowulf?
 What does this name mean?
 What modern-day country is the hall located in?
 What modern-day country would Beowulf be from?
 What religion is present in Beowulf?
 How is Unferth similar to Cain?
 Why is Grendel banished to the swamp?
 What are the defining elements of the epic poem?
 Who came up with the theory of the heroic monomyth?
 What are the various stages of the monomyth/hero’s journey?
Short answer topics
 What is Tolkien’s definition of a hero? How is it illustrated?
 What is a comitatus? How is it illustrated?
 What is an archetype? Describe widely used archetypes in literature.
 What is an epic poem? What are some examples and defining elements/