Every generation has had its heroes who reflect the general character of that
society. Compare and contrast Beowulf with a hero of today. (This
modern hero may be real or fictional but he/she must reflect the values of
contemporary culture (the last twenty to fifty years).) How are they the
same? How are they different? Why? (In other words, what do these
similarities and/or differences reveal about the change in or continuity of
morals and values?)
Need some ideas? Check out: .
Here you will find short articles about 20 recognized heroes of the
20thcentury. If you end up quoting specific information, make sure to give
credit to the author in the parentheses following the quotation. Here's an
example. Sir Edmund Hillary's “heroism of debts repaid and causes
sustained [is] far more inspiring than the gung-ho kind” (Morris).
The essay should be about 500 words in length (2 double-spaced typed
pages using 12-point font).
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