Impact of the Cold War Think Tac Toe
Graphic Organizer
Create an illustrated timeline of
important events and
developments of the Cold war.
Pick five events and explain how
each one impacted American
during the Cold War.
Create a multi-flow map that
illustrates the causes and the
effects of the cold war. Highlight
five events that had the most
impact on America.
Point of View
Compare and
Analyze the developments of the
Cold war by choosing sides.
Take on the point of view of the
Soviet Union and evaluate the
major events of the Cold War
from their point of view.
For example: Why is the Soviet
Union fighting the Cold War?
What do they hope to
Why did the US fight the Cold
War? What are they trying to
Use a Venn Diagram to compare
and contrast the U.S. and the
Soviet Union in terms of
government, government policy,
arms race, space race, alliances,
foreign policy, and society.
Write an imaginary interview
with a person who lived during
the 1950s. Write questions
and responses that illustrate
the major developments of the
Cold War in the 1950s.
Could the cold war have been
avoided? Explain how, and
how the world would be
different today if the major
developments of the Cold War
had never happen.
Journal Entry
Create a brochure intended to
explain the major developments
of the Cold War and how each
development had a lasting
impact on American society.
You are a soldier in the Korean
War fighting in South Korea.
Write a journal entry discussing
what a typical day would be like
for you and the reasons for
fighting the war.
Illustrate a propaganda poster
that would represent the
Korean War/ Vietnam War/
Cold War.
Minimum size one full page