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The Cold War

• What is it?

– It is a bitter state of indirect conflict that existed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union for more than four decades – Occurred from 1949 to 1989 • Why is it called a “cold war”?

– Hot war is when there is actual fighting – The cold war there was no direct fighting between the U.S. and the Soviet Union

Origins of the Cold War

• How did the Soviets cause the Cold War?

– U.S. is upset that the Soviet Union Set up a non-aggression pact with Germany – Soviet Union wanted to spread communism (the U.S. disliked the communist idea) – The Soviets make satellite nations out of the countries on their western border • Nations that were subject to Soviet domination and serve as a buffer zone

Origins of the Cold War

• How did the U.S. cause the Cold war?

– After the Russian Revolution the U.S. would not recognize the communist government until 1933 – The U.S. waited to open up a second front in Europe during WWII – U.S. asked Britain for help on the A-bomb and left the Soviets out – U.S. wants to spread the ideas of liberty, equality, and democracy

Origins of the Cold War

• What are some other causes of the Cold War?

– Argument over Poland • The Soviets want it to be a communist country • The U.S. wants to allow Poland to decide for themselves

Declaration of War

• Two unofficial declarations of war – In February 1946 Stalin gives a speech where he predicted the ultimate triumph of communism over capitalism – In March 1946 Winston Churchill gave a speech where he said that there was an Iron Curtain that has descended on Europe

Fighting the Cold War

• How does the U.S. fight the Cold War?

– Containment, what is it?

• The U.S. will resist any Soviet attempts to form Communist governments anywhere – Truman Doctrine, what is it?

• The U.S. must help nations that are resisting conquest by armed minorities and help free people to stay free – How do they work together?

• Containment set out the U.S. aim for the Cold War while the Truman Doctrine gave us justification for what we did

Writing Assignment

• Title: If the Cold War Never Happened – Had the United States and the Soviet Union been able to avoid the deep split that made them enemies and instead remained allies, what benefits might have resulted?

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