Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing p.66
Picture 1---------Last Sunday was a sunny day. So I decided to go hiking with my
friends Suki and Zoe up to the mountain near my house. Suki, Zoe and I used to
)sneak out (
)and hang around(
) in the
wood near my house. This time, just like the old days, I went out with them.
Picture 2---------When we went half way up, we discovered hundred of trees cover the
sky. I can hardly see the sunlight. We almost lost our way. Luckily, we chose the
right way to the top. Darkness fell quickly, we were so tired that we need some rest.
Straight ahead I saw a very shabby (
)house. As far as I could see, the
house seemed to be built a hundred years ago.
Those trees entangled
)the house. I suggested that we should go inside and take a rest.
Picture 3-----------“Shall we enter this house? It looks so strange!” Zoe said. When
we were hesitating(
) about this, someone touched my shoulder. He
was an old man. He said desperately, “Don’t enter the house!” We had no idea
about what this old man said. Against all the odds, we decided to enter this shabby
house. When we walked into the house, we found many cracks (
)on the
wall. It smelled badly and there was some broken furniture inside the house. It was
like a haunted house.(
Picture 4-----------At that time, we were so scared that nobody moved a muscle. As
we were still conscious (
), we heard some laughter and
) voice coming from behind, “ I am so bored, play with me,
kids!” No one had guts to turn around and see whose voice it was. While Zoe and
Suki were hesitating, I shouted loudly to them,” Let’s run! Let’s get out of here!” All
of us ran for our lives, we didn’t turn around and we didn’t want to know who was
behind us.
My feeling------------This was a horrible(
) night I have ever had, and so
have Suki and Zoe. On the other day, no one talked about this again.