7.4 Extreme Sports Lesson 1 - St-James-ICT

7.4 – Extreme Sports
Mr Farmer
Lesson 1 - Starter
• Create a folder called 7.4 Extreme sports in your
ICT folder (ICT)
• Go to the wiki – www.st-james-ict.wikispaces.com
• Year 7
• Extreme Sports- Spreadsheets
• Lesson 1
• Save Lesson1_Starter.xlsx to your 7.4 Extreme
Sports folder
• Open it and complete it
10 mins
Link to Answers
• Sid and Suki are mad for extreme sports, and
they have set up a skate shop and a snow school in
Scotland. The businesses are doing well, because
so many teenagers are hooked on snowboarding and
skateboarding. But they would like to make a bit
more money, and they need your help!
• In this Unit you are going to help Sid and Suki run
their businesses - Suki's Skate Shop and Sid's
Snow School. You are going to help them increase
their profit (that's the money they make) by using
Unit Objectives
• Format cells in a spreadsheet
• Enter rules and formulae and check they
are working
• Explain how rules work
• Predict what will happen when we make
changes to variables
• Test models
• Create an advert using images and sounds
Lesson Objectives
• Recognise and use cell references.
Use the fill handle.
• Create simple working formulae.
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
• Find cells on a
• Use cell references to
• Use different methods of
spreadsheet using
create simple formulae.
writing formulae, e.g.
• cell references.
• Copy formulae using the AutoSum.
• Use colour fill to fill cells.
fill handle.
• Suggest ways of
calculating total revenue.
Suki’s skate shop
• Product; Price; Unit sales; Revenue/Turnover.
• Product = Elbow pads; Price = £15; Unit sales = 12.
• What would the formula for Revenue be?
Suki’s skate shop
Save Sukis Skate Shop.xlsx from the
Open it and answer the questions in the
pale blue boxes
Link to answers
10 mins
Suki’s Skate Shop
The power of Spreadsheets are formulae
What is the formula for Revenue?
Complete the first 3 products
The lazy way! Fill Handle
Total Revenue - =SUM
Maximum - =MAX
Minimum - =MIN
Suki’s Skate Shop
What if questions
• Complete the ‘what if’ questions
Link to answers
10 mins
• Suki’s Skate Shop revenue
• On the wiki if you lose it!
• Complete and hand in next lesson!
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