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12th grade
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the British Victorian writers
“C” Layer activities - 1 - 2 are required.
79 points MAX in this category.
_____ 1. Complete Reading Skillmaster “Charles Dickens and the Immortal Carol” (20pts.) and Reading
Skillmaster “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Brodie” (30pts.) in class on ___________________.
_____ 2. Choose two of the following Victorian writers (Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy, Gerald Manley Hopkins, Rudyard Kipling, or A. E. Housman) and
complete a packet. 10 pts. each
_____ Watch any of the following United Streaming videos, take notes and be prepared to discuss what you
learned. 5 pts. each
 The Family and Childhood of Thomas Hardy (04:35)
 Hardy's Career as a Writer (04:39)
 The Later Life and Legacy of Thomas Hardy (04:48)
 Stevenson's Adventure Stories and Verses (05:16)
 Robert Louis Stevenson: 1850-1894: An Overview of His Work (03:00)
 The Pickwick Papers: The Early Success of Charles Dickens (04:51)
 The Fame of Charles Dickens (05:10)
 The Later Years and Legacy of Charles Dickens (03:19)
_____ Watch the video The Price of Progress and complete Activity #1. 10 pts.
_____ Choose one of the following authors (must be different from the author of #2): the Brontë sisters,
(Anne, Emily and Charlotte Brontë), Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lewis Carroll,
Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, A. E. Housman, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis
Stevenson, or Lord Alfred Tennyson) and create a media project (podcast, moviemaker, Photo
Story, PowerPoint).
The project must include 6-10 questions asked of the author (with the author’s answers) and 3-5
literary selections (a poem, portion of a poem, or lines from a story) Each selection must be at least
8 lines/sentences long. 10 pts.
_____ Create a poster board sized timeline of literary, cultural and historical events of the Victorian Period
(1832-1901). Include at least 5 events in each of the three categories. 5 pts.
_____ Read the introduction to the Victorian Period (pages 782 - 800). Take notes and turn them in and then
take the quiz (no notes or book during the quiz). 10 pts.
_____ Victorian Literature - Read the article in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorian_literature)
about Victorian Literature. Take notes and be prepared to discuss what you learned. 5 pts.
_____ Choose any of the following grammar links and complete 43-44, 47-48, or 49-50. 5 pts. each
You may not continue into the “B” layer until you have earned at least 70 points from the
“C” layer.
“B” Layer activities - choose ONE for 10
points - points earned will be determined by the
quality of your work.
_____ What is Tennyson’s attitude toward nature? Write one paragraph in which you answer this question.
Refer to both “The Eagle: A Fragment” and “Flower in the Crannied Wall”.
_____ “The Lady of Shalott” can be read as a parable about artists – their needs for seclusion so that they can
create – and their relationship with the world. Based on your reading of the poem, do you think that
Tennyson believes that artists require isolation? Or do you think he believes that artists should interact
with the word? Write one paragraph in which you answer these questions. Make at least two references to
the poem to support your ideas.
_____ Write a paragraph explaining what you think the future holds for the Duke’s next duchess. Use at least one
example from the selection (“My Last Duchess”) to support your ideas.
_____ The speaker in “Sonnet 43” (page 838) describes many “ways” of loving. Of the ways the speaker describes,
which one do you think is most important? Write a paragraph in which you answer this question and defend
your answer.
_____ Although the poem is titled “Spring and Fall” (page 842), the speaker discusses only the meaning of fall.
Write a paragraph in which you discuss what you think spring symbolizes and state its relationship to the
meaning of the poem.
“A” Layer activities - choose ONE for 15
points. Your points will be determined by the
quality of your answer and your presentation.
_____ Most of the many injustices of the Industrial Revolution were eventually eliminated by changing
laws, policies, and conditions. Before the injustices could be corrected, however, people first had to
become aware of the existing problems. Persuasive writers and speakers of the period helped to
accomplish this by convincing their audiences that change was needed.
Today there are still many social political, and environmental problems of which people should be
aware. Think of a social issue about which you feel strongly. It could be instances of discrimination at
school or in the community, a lack of upkeep of city-owned facilities, or a national issue. When you have
decided on an issue, develop a position statement, and either write an essay (minimum of one page) or
create a media (Moviemaker, Photo Story) presentation (minimum 2 minutes).
_____ Which of the following phrases BEST summarizes the “truth” present in this poem (page 863)? Write at
least ½ page and include at least one example from the poem.
a. Wise men do to know all the answers.
c. Ignore advice when you are falling in love.
b. The young will never learn.
d. Experience is a better teacher than advice.
Grading: 90 - 100 = A
80 - 89 = B
70 - 79 = C
60 - 69 = D
0 - 59 = F
You are not guaranteed to receive the points allotted to each activity. You must demonstrate that you
learned from the activity and you must show you expended effort to complete the activity. This assignment
is due ____________________________________.
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