Mock Exam for Test #1 - Gordon State College

Mock Exam
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15 Slides, 90 seconds each, 2 pts
each (30 pts total)
Short Answer Sample Questions
1. Name the two main types of relief sculpture.
Give examples of each and explain the main
2. Explain mass and shape. Give examples of
works that utilize both concepts.
3. Explain how a table top camera obscura
4. Discuss how the use of “montage” was used
by Sergei Eisenstein in The Battleship
Potemkin to express powerful emotion.
Sample Essay Questions
1. Explain the way photography changed over
time from the first photograph to the digital
age. Make sure to site at least three examples
along the way.
2. Explain the two different types of perspective.
Once you fully explain both, list a work that
corresponds to each method and explain how
perspective plays a role in the composition and
meaning of those works. Make sure to explain
how the composition and formal elements
reflect the artists’ use of perspective.