“since feeling is first” is a poem by e - scostain

Here is a sample paragraph for idea and emotion section of
the poetic method.
“since feeling is first” is a poem by e.e. cummings. It
explores the importance of feelings and the role they play
in the lives of people. The line “kisses are a better fate than
wisdom” demonstrates his belief that the pursuit of love is
better and more rewarding than the pursuit of knowledge.
Embracing love, and your partner, is key. Those who do
not allow themselves to give over completely and lose
themselves in relationships, especially while they are
young, are the ones who miss out. “Life is not a
paragraph” may mean that life can not be captured in
words, but must be felt. Focusing on death, rather than life
is what limits our potential. The poem is a hopeful one
which offers a reader a life lesson from a wise man who has
learned his lessons from love.