Fetal Development Brochure Contents

Fetal Development Brochure Contents
Answer the questions below that apply:
1. Define your topic – What is it about?
2. What causes it? (if it applies)
3. How does it affect the fetus?
4. How does it affect the mom?
5. What are the advantages/disadvantages?
6. What are the treatments for it?
7. What prevents it?
1. Three sources are required
2 from Internet
1 from print materials – textbook,
medical books, library books.
2. Cite your sources using correct form (5 pts.)
a. Go to OSH Home – Quick Research
b. Scroll to Slate Citations link
c. Enter your information and it puts it in
the correct format.
Due Dates:
1. Final copy of brochure – tri-fold style
Due ____________________(20 pts)
2. Oral Presentations (15 pts)