review sheet

What to Study for the AP Lit. and Comp Final
Mrs. Willshire, Winter 2015
This is about 175 to 200; I’m not sure yet because I’m still typing it. It’s thorough, but
not extremely difficult. Yes, there are some AP multiple choice-type questions, with a
few “choose the BEST answer” types. However, the main purpose is to make sure you
remember the most important details and literary elements from the works we’ve studied
this semester.
Some works will have many more questions than the others. For example, the lit. from
early in the year (Beowulf) comprises the first 100 questions (along with the 1st quarter
vocabulary words) b/c there was much to be gleaned. ATOTC and Gulliver will have
smaller sections.
So here’s the list:
 All WADs we’ve done so far; this includes the Literary WADs.
 Beowulf (including A/S literary conventions and epic poetry rules)
 A Tale of Two Cities
 Gulliver’s Travels (books 1 and II)
 Pride and Prejudice (up through the chapters we’ve done)
These literary works will have questions about important quotes, place names, characters,
major events, relevant literary elements, motifs, themes, symbols, and background
information. Some questions will be identification, others will have analytical stuff like
which tone word best describes ___ character or which of these motifs is NOT
characteristic of ATOTC. Also, please go back and review a bit about all the authors’
lives and times.
The Shorter Poems/Works
 “Ulysses”
 Wordsworth’s The Prelude
 “The Schoolchildren”
 “My Oedipus Complex”
 “They Flee From Me”
 “My Last Duchess”
 “Not My Best Side”
I am also including a new poem, something we haven’t studied or ever seen before, from the
Multiple Choice section of the AP test. So you’ll be applying analysis/application/interpretation
skills. Fun.
Finally, there will be some questions about literary eras: Victorian, Romantic, and Neoclassical.
Know the differences amongst these eras and a few defining characteristics. Links to all these old
PowerPoints should be on the website. If they are not, email me immediately.